i played my freinds guitar today and it was loads easier to bend the strings on than my jackson dinky. her guitar in a yamaha pacifica. its actually easier to bend on than any guitar iv tried bends on.

on her guitar she has ernie ball super slinkys gauge 9. im not sure what strings ae in mine but there the ones that the guitar came with.

is it the strings that make it easier to bend? her strings also feel alot looser.

edit: just found out my dinky has fender nps strings, gauge 9.
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Yes, its the strings. Your axe probably has .010's installed from the factory. Get yourself a set of .009's.

I use .010's myself, but some people prefer a little less tension.
YEs it's the strings. Lighter strings are easier to bend depending on the tuning. If 9's were used in standard tuning it's really easy to bend. Since you're probably using 10's you're used to more resistance on the strings therefore you have more strength on thinner strings.
the lighter the gage, the easier it is to bend

i personally use 11-54s, as i like quite a lot of tension
I like Ernie Ball "orange package" hybrid slinkys. .009" on top and heavier .046" on the low E.
String gauge, scale length, and tuning all affect the amount of tension on the strings (or how easy or hard they are to bend).