Ok soo i live in valdosta georgia and as for the music scene, the only places to get noticed down here is the college bars everyone goes to...

I dont know exactly what music to play in bars but i do know that they wont like original music that we have created.. which has mostly been hard rock..

its weird they all want to hear like rap songs turned into rock songs...

besides that.. i need a set up that is good for bar gigs, i am the rhythm guitarist for the band.

budget is like 1000-1,000 bucks
You already made a thread that was basically the exact same thing.

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Ok, ummm... there is no such thing. That's why nobody can help you. A good bar rig is one you can get into the bar, and is loud enough to be heard. VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING WILL WORK. Aside from that, if the people at the bar don't want to hear you play, then you wont even get the gig to begin with. Further, if you want to be a musician, you have to deal with the fact that some people wont like your music. Beyond that, if you really want help, you have to describe what you want: i.e. "I am looking to play small-medium venues (like bars) and I play hard rock, my guitar is a ... I like the tone of ... " and for god sake do not gripe about people's taste in music, every almost every musician that doesn't live in a town that is musically oriented toward the music they play (for example, blues in New Orleans) has had to find some compromise between the music they want to play, and the music that people there want to listen to.
you seem like you're just very misguided and looking for somebody to tell you "awww, i'm so sorry people don't want to listen to you play... they suck" every one that plays live pays their dues somewhere.

sorry if that was a bit mean, so to help a little: a half stack will do you just fine, even a 50+ watt combo (TUBE) will suit you. Best thing to do is find out what the lead guitarist will use, and look for an amp of comparable power.