i want a good metal/hardcore guitar, somthing that sounds like blessthefall escape the fate ect., but i really dont know what to get. i have about $440 and i am very willing to buy on ebay or somthing, can anyone help??? thanx
Hello, how long have you been playing guitar?
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Well, if it's a different SOUND you want, then i'd recommend you looking at a new amp rather than a new guitar.

Though i have to say i have no idea what amps you should check out for a Metalcore sound.. Maybe a Spider?.. sorry, i am too cruel.

Okay, because you always have to be sure that you want to play the specific genre when you buy such a guitar. Imagine you just started on guitar and bought an awesome Metal guitar and found out later you were into jazz or something, you know :P

Well, i have to admit i don't know alot about metal guitars, but i tryed alot, and i'm actually quite into Ibanez
Hagström Swede Goldtop

Modified Squier Strat