First NPD, first NWD (New Wah Day).

(Sorry, no story telling through pics)
(If the images are too large, let me know and I'll resize them).


WHINE-O WAH!!! As far as I know, this can only be had at one place in the UK, and it goes for around £165. I got this on eBay for £50.

Three different wah ranges, gauged by frequency. The 'Shaft' has the most high end, the 'White Room' has the least (This one sounds like those porno wahs).

One of my favorite parts: The built in gain circuit. The 'volume' adjusts the amount of gain or bite, and the 'Estrogen-Testosterone' switch is like a crunch-insane setting. Estrogen is the crunch; it has that womenly bite to it. Testosterone is the insane; it's got the balls to bust the room.

Full gut shot. LOTS of wires.

Size comparison, I'm about a size 48, and my feet fit this near-perfect.

Basically, I love it. With the gain circuit, it's really good for almost any genre. The sweep range is fantastic, especially when doing chords you can notice it quite well. The single note sweep isn't the best, but I'm sure I can figure out a way to fix that.
Also, forgot to mention. In the first pic, there's that one extra switch above the pinky toe. That's a bass booster.
This thing is a tank, honestly. The metal casing is about 1.5cm thick, and it weighs probably at around 8lbs or so. :O

Two things I need to fix.
1: Get some of that icky stuff to put in the tracker thingy so it stays upright. I have to keep my foot on it so it doesn't 'sweep' automatically. :p
2: Move the bypass switch from underneath the toe, to underneath the heel. I think doing that would work better for me.

For only £50, I love it!
I don't care for the Snarling Dogs wahs but HNPD if you like it.

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is the shaft mode supposed to resemble the maestro boomerang? if so, how does it compare?

No idea, I'll do some sound comparisons, then get back to you.
HNPD! Hi-five on it being red and for £50 wah.
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Alright, after listening to some soundclips of the Boomerang, and after jamming/testing this guy, I'd say the shaft is pretty similar. There's something that's different with the sweep, but it reached the right frequency at the end.

And yeah, all the Snarling Dogs are overpriced in the UK. Something to do with shipping or whatever.
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Idk why it is 150, because in the US it was 100 dollars or less when it was still available.

It still is available in the US for $120.
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