Poll: What is the best spirit?
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View poll results: What is the best spirit?
7 19%
3 8%
5 14%
3 8%
2 6%
Spiced Rum (as in "amber" coloured)
11 31%
Light Rum (as in Bacardi rum)
5 14%
Voters: 36.
In your opinion, what is the best alcoholic spirit?

I classify spirit as a drink that comes on average at about 80 proof or higher and must be distilled.

Liqueurs do not count. I will post a poll!

My vote goes to vodka. I like it because it has a mild taste, which allows me to consume more.

As far as worst spirit, I think tequila is just awful. Mexican sewage water....
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The spirit of Tom Joad.
gah I hate all spirits.. I can shot vodka as long as I have a beer or something else there.
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I'm not a spirit kinda guy, however i did once try a form of tequilla

It was the colour of melted brick mixed with sand, its actually the Worst thing i've Ever put in my mouth
Out of the list, I like scotch best. It tastes kind of woody, and is great for drinking at all times, plus I've always got some around (my dad is an avid scotch drinker, not a drunk though, don't worry, just social stuff). But it costs a lot. Vodka I like too, but most of the vodka you get is complete and utter shit, I only like Finlandia and Absolut (never had Grey Goose though).
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Vodka is a more versatile mixer but gin and tonic is just lovely....

I prefer sambuca for shooting, and peach schnapps is also great to mix.
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Of those, Spiced Rum.
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what about whiskey?

but rum or vodka

amen. i love whiskey.

but out of those, vodka. especially Firefly vodka. (sweet tea vodka, for those who dont know. it is outstanding.)

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why isnt whiskey on the poll? my vote goes to canadian whiskeys.

vodka is quite the odd liquor. the general rule of thumb when it comes to liquors is that the more you pay for a bottle, the better the flavor will be. when you buy an expensive bottle of vodka however, you just expect it to taste less shitty. when it comes to vodka, you pay MORE for LESS flavor
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Where the fuck is Brandy?

Can't beat a drop of courvoisier.
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Bourbon or a good Scotch for me. I seriously can't stand vodka or tequila.
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Quote by eliotness
what about whiskey?

but rum or vodka

What is this butt rum you speak of and where can I get it? But honestly spirits are foul.