I have a fender champ 600 5W tube amp, which I blew the other day while (stupidly) trying to jam with a drumset. At first I thought the tubes were blown, but when I replaced them it still didn't work. Could some other part be blown is the amp just shot?

And please I don't need any posts about how stupid I was trying to jam with a drummer using a 5W amp...i'm already aware of my mistake.

EDIT: It's not like playing that amp cranked should do damage to it. I do on mine every day.
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The most likely issue other than the speaker would be the output transformer. Unfortunately, it's going to be tough for you repair-wise because the parts are cheap enough, but having a tech go through the amp to see what you need to replace might end up costing more than the amp is worth.

You can check to see if it's the speaker by plugging into another cab.
did it just cut out quickly? seems like if you killed the speaker it wouldn't just die. I think speakers usually just sound like hell when they start dying. check it anyway, but it sounds more like a transformer as Roc suggested.
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First things first, Check any fuses on the amp, if they're all ok then it's back to the shop with it
Does it power on?

Check fuse.

The tubes you used to replace the original ones. Where they new? If not, you sure they are good?

Make sure the speaker wire is, correctly connected, to the speaker and speaker jack on the chassis.

Try another cab.

Make sure it is not the guitar or your cables.
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