Okay, recently i had lost a nut for my input jack, and i continued to play on my guitar for a good month or two.
But recently it's been getting looser and looser, and started to cut out of the amp.
i took it to the store to 'repair' it. and he told me i needed a nut. so i reluctantly handed it over and picked it up the next day.
7$ to put a nut on my guitar i expected it to work.
i got home. and still nothing.
i looked at my jack and the wiring and i dont know enough about it to say its fine.
can anyone help me pleaseee ):
No sounds at all. it's a schecter C-1 Hellraiser.
I've tried different plugs. one old. and the current one im using which is fairly new.
I know it has to be something with the guitar.
The guy from the shop said he skimmed through the wires and didnt see anything wrong.
but i called him and he said it's probably snapped wire.
i can't find anything but im not savy enough to know.
It sounds like one of (or all of) the hot wires aren't connected. Or you might have a dead pot, or jack.
If you don't have any experience in this kind of stuff, I'd send it to the tech, and just have him do a complete electronics overhaul. Replace all the pots, the jack, and all the wires. It might be a bit expensiven(Could be up to $60, could be as little as $20), but it's the surest way to make it work.