I'm getting my first pedal soon... I know how to set them up, but I need to know if they come with a cable themselves. I have a LiveWire 10ft cable, and a 6in. one (that came with it). Do you think that this pedal will include a cable (if one at all), and if will be long enough? Or will I have to buy another one?

Answers would be appreciated,
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Pedals don't come with cables. So your going to need to get one. They usually don't come with adapters either so unless the store is running some kind of special sale. So Your going to need to get an adapter or a battery. Your 6 inch cable might be long enough if your going to set the pedal directly on top of the amp. But I doubt it.
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I don't think any pedals come with cables.
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It depends some online shops will throw one in as part of a deal but...
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If it's not listed, it doesn't come with one. Pedals don't ever come with cables.