I'm looking for a alternative rock amp band influences are You Me At Six, Go Audio, We Are The Ocean so I'm looking for that type of sound, my Budget is around £300, I also play some metal and blues my current amp is a Peavey Vypr and guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica.

Considering the Line 6 Spider valve 112 or if someone could suggest me something better.
Laney VC30. It will need to be boosted for metal though. By the way you said it, I gather metal is not the majority of your sound so it won't need to be perfect.
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go:audio used a mesa dual rectifier when i saw them and youmeatsix use marshalls and orange amps. save your money til after christmas and then go on ebay. single recs are like £700 and marshalls are as low as £400 for a an all-tube combo
I've only been playing for a year or so, I don't really want to spend that much till I improve, if you get what I mean
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Bugera V5/22 + OD Pedal

This except not the V5

A V22 and an Overdrive pedal would be perfect. You don't really need to buy the Overdrive pedal right away anyways.

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