in my profile.. just got an interface and tested it out its a bit messy at points, next one will be cleaner. did the rhythm and solo
That was pretty cool, I caught a little Santana vibe from the lead.
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I actually like your lead tone; your profile says you had a peavey fender-copy but if I hadn't of read it I would have thought it was a strat. The rhythm guitar tone is nice, understated, and warm. A few parts could use work, but for an improv I'm impressed, its better than I could do. Your timing seems solid for the most part as well.

I enjoyed it, I think you should do more with it.
Mind giving one of my covers some feedback?
cool thanks. im listening to rivers of babylon on your myspace elementwood. hahah brought up some good memories, i liked it you gave a different vibe. yeah a few parts could definitely use some work, that was my 1st or 2nd run, i was just messing around hahah, imma update it in a few days and make a new one when i have time, thank you for the comment.
It's pretty good, watch your timing and your phrasing. Some of your passages sound like you're raping them with notes. Watch your bends and vibrato as well, you occasionally oscillate out of pitch when you're playing. Otherwise, nice cover.

Check out my little Thin Lizzy snippet if you're interested.

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