Hey,I'm a beginner.

I want to know how to search this in youtube,so I could know which fingers I should use.

Or if you know which fingers I should use you can tell me also.

It's a turnaround or something:

You can figure it out on your own, just play it slowly and work it out, you'll feel better about it and learn in the process, and develop your own style
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Problem,I'm in a music school(just 1hour a week not something big) and maybe the teacher won't agree with my way of playing it.

And I don't really feel like relearning stuff.
Learn it your way, if he tells you "you are wrong" then have him show you why you are wrong... Think for yourself.

i'm not a finger-picking expert,
but what's supposed to be the classic way and how I use it
is use your thumb for picking the low E,A and D strings,
use your index finger for the G string,
your middle finger for the B string,
and your ring finger for the high E string.
so, for this "shuffle"- just use your thumb and your index finger.

EDIT-WAIT! are you talking about picking or positioning your fingers on the neck?
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You always want to do these sorts of things with the minimum amount of finger movement possible. So in the first measure, you'll probably use your index and middle finger as you play on the A and G strings, the middle being on A, and index on G of course. The first part of the 2nd measure is practically an open E chord, so use that same fingering. Then when you switch there, it's middle finger on the 2nd fret A string, index finger on the 1st fret D string, and ring finger 2nd fret G string. It should feel natural if you're familiar with the open chords.

If you're searching on youtube, look for something like a blues in E, or something similar to that.
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