How would you measure yourself as a guitarist without following any lessons or certified grades?

I mean, I can play major/minor scales, open chords, barre chords and know some cover songs in particular genres but how do I measure myself as an actual guitarist?

I know this question sounds a bit preachy and vague but any help would be appreciated.


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Well in my opionion you can't measure yourself as a guitarist.

Guitar playing has so many aspects(theory, technique, feel, speed etc) which are in it's own very difficult to measure.

Just enjoy playing,that's really all that should matter
You can't realy measure how good you are at guitar.

But if you want to get a vague idea of how good you are i would suggest jamming with some other guitarists/musicians


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By comparing yourself to where you where a month ago. Sometimes it helps to have monthly goals, a list of areas that you wish to improve upon. That's really the only kind of comparing that you should do, that's positive. I think comparing yourself against others is negative, and can take your focus away from the stuff that matters, like making music.
I gauge how good I am compared to other people. I look at bands and think about whether I can do what their guitarist does and if I could naturally come up with something equal to it.

As a pop/rock guitarist im great, as a jazz guitarist I'm average-good, as a metal guitarist I'm shit.

as people have said above, jam with others. This is also a pretty good thing to do to see what you need to work on, what others have been working on.
You don't "measure" yourself, there's nothing to measure...playing guitar isn't a sport, it's an art.
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