Ok, so I recently picked up my new guitar and have been playing for about 3 hours a day and improving, but today whilst out I have sprained or maybe fractured my wrist (again). So I am wondering what theory there is that I can learn whilst away from the guitar.

I try to play metal songs and learn about scales that go with this genre. But am open to other suggestions as well. I am fairly open minded, as long as it will have a positive effect on my playing
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Thanks for the advise, and the guitar comment I will look into harmonies, aswell as some more scales, note positions and listen to lots of music. Hopefully I won't be away from the guitar for too long
try listening to and studying music other than metal as well, I'm a metal-head myself, but I also try to listen to stuff like blues, funk, jazz, and more. it helps with new ideas and creativity, and it's always cool to mix a little something in your metal
I'd hit some of those ear trainers online (in addition to what everyone else suggested).
Hope you have a speedy recovery.
i suggest http://www.musictheory.net/
its been a huge help for me, and has many trainers right there in one place for you. And I also agree greatly with listening to alot of music. If you thought you havent had time to listen to something, heres a chance to listen to it.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'm off to the doctors in about an hour to get my (left) wrist looked at, but whatever happens i'll be off for a while.
I will look at the links and see whats there. I'm sure it will keep me busy for a while, and I think when my right wrist get better (I think it's a light spain) I will start to learn one handed keyboard . It should help me learn to read sheet music again aswell.
I had a fractured hand for about 8 weeks at one point. I played guitar by tuning it to open D, lying it down on my lap and hammering the harmonics with my free hand. I could make melodies this way and it was really interesting using the guitar like that.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Ok, thanks again for the help. My left wrist is now in a big irritating cast. So I am going to head over to the music theory site that was suggested, read some lessons and learn a bit out keyboard when my other wrist improves. I've got it on for two weeks, then another x ray and if it is broken I will have another 6 weeks. But, they don't think it is, so I should just have 2 weeks.
Ear training. This really be in your practice schedule either way.
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