So, I'm pretty new to the art of bass playing, been playing for like 4 weeks or so.
I kinda know the basics, and I've been watching some videos on youtube about bass slapping, but, I think my strings are too loose, maybe I'm doing it wrong but, like, on youtube, when someone slaps the string the sound's kinda clear, but when I slap the string, my string just hits the fret, and it makes this metallic sound...
Should I go to a music store and get this checked?
i think you need new strings, also what amp are you using?
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Practice more, And also, Steel strings work better at that
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The mechanics of bass slapping are fairly easy and straightforward, but the method is another story entirely. It takes a lot of practice and trial and error to get a good slap sound. If your string is hitting the frets, you are probably mashing the string instead of bouncing your thumb off of it to get a percussive sound. I am certainly no master of slap technique, but I suggest that you enlist a good teacher to show you the proper method. Barring that, get yourself a good slap bass instructional DVD. Ed Friedland's Slap Bass DVD is supposed to be one of the better ones.

Roundwould strings and proper EQ settings will help, too. Good luck and stick with it. You'll get it down.
Err, I'm surprised noone has said this yet, as it seems pretty damn obvious.

Anyway, you need to raise your action.
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try raising the strings (action) it worked wonders for me.
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