hi everyone,

ive just changed the set up of my strat, i removed the standard single coil pickups and i have placed instead a single semour duncan invaidor humbucker. Ive removed it all wired it up and sounds ace. On the semour duncan website it says to use a 500k pot i have wired it up to the standard strat 250k pot what would be the difference if i changed the 250pot to a 500 pot? or will there be no difference at all.

Ps if anyones wanting to do the same as what i have done to get a nicer distortion this is the pickup for you bands like blink/avenge sevenfold/afi have both used it much better pickup than the standard coils i love it!
i believe the difference between 250k and 500k pots is the amount of high end it cuts when rolled back. the invader isn't bright at all though so i wouldn't worry about it, i mean the tom delonge signature strat uses the same configuration and doesn't even have a tone control.
actually, a 250k pot will cut the humbucker's output down a bit, I have an invader in the bridge pos. and a strat bridge p/u in the neck pos. on my notacaster w/ 500k pots, and it just rips ass, and have been considering replacing the vol pot w/a 1 meg pot for more output
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500k pots are generally used with humbuckers because they let more treble through. If you like the tone with the 250k pots, then leave it, but if you want the pickups brighter, switch to the 500k pots.
i as well put an Invader in my Strat but I personally like the way the 250k pots sound in it, and this way I can still use my neck and mid pickups without drastically changing the wiring. the only thing i worry about is your single coil pickups will become too bright. overall, i agree with Locked_Deadbolt
hmmm well it sounds good atm, but i want to get the full potential out of my pickup seeing as i only have the one pickup on the bridge, its directly wired to the volume nob.


as per this diagram, but wired with the 250k pot, also the jack input wire (hot tip, ground) the wire is quite thin, would it make any difference if i rewired it with some higher grade quality wire.
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I think that you should install a 500k pot in that Strat. make a recording before you do so at least you can hear the difference. if you dont like the 500k then just put the 250 back in. what's the worst that can happen? you will be down $6? i think its worth hearing the difference first hand