If i wanna play with the slide on my pinkie, How tigh should the slide be? Should it cover the whole pinkie or stop at the knuckle, so it can still bend?
I learned with it all the way down on my pinky, then saw Duane Allman doing it on his third with the bend and facepalmed. I just do it all the way down, and wear a band aid on my thumb so it slides better.
I saw Bernard Allison wear his to stop above his knuckle on his pinkie, so he could bend his hand and other fingers more easily for "Normal" playing(Non Slide playing). But also how should it fit on your finger? I have really skinny digits and its not a real tight fit?
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heres a perfect example. do what she does


Great vid. I was curious about trying to learn slide too and this video convinced me that it's a lot easier than I ever thought. I'm sure it takes time to master just like anything else, but I'm pretty motivated to give it a shot after seeing this.
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