I just got my guitar today and wondering where should I start learning. I know some basic chords and riffs but should I start learning how to playing scales or songs?

which scales should I start learning?

which songs should I start learning?
scales- since your just starting out its not that big of a deal right now. give it 2-4 months till you get into it.

as for songs, im not to sure. i dont know what you like.
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Well, dont make the mistake most of the members in the electric forum got into. LEARN YOUR THEORY! Nothing like going to a band audition, shreding your arse off then the go "Nice man, here (J go get the bass) Play this for me" *hands sheet music* "uhhhhhhh, I learnt from tab"
..... oh...... ummmmmmmm, this is arkward....

Yeah... so anyway
Using whatever resources you have, learn the notes and match them to frets and strings in your head. Then practice major scales and chromatic scales to build up finger speed, strength and accuracy.

as for songs. Learning your basic chords (G C D E F Am B) means you can play nearly every radio played pop song ever made, just try and learn this chord progression

Em - G - D - Dsus2

There you go, you can now play the entire Oasis Discography!
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