Hey i have an Epiphone Thunderbird VI and its neck heavy... does anybody have any solutions that i can try to sort this out? I don't wanna spend alot of money just for a bass that would stay upright in a gig. Thanks
Neck dive is unavoidable with a Thunderbird. The thin mahogany body, mahogany neck and that oversized headstock all contribute to a drooping neck. If you love the Thunderbird - and many do - you just have to learn to live with it.
I heard about someone remaking the Thunderbird, and fixing post of the problems, but that might have been a custom.
move the strap screw under the neck other than the usual bass and guitar spot. FIxed my 4 string T bird. Yours might still be a little diving since your neck will be heavier
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Tape some weight on the body?
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move the strap peg lower down it alleviates the problem a lot.I done it it worked wonders.

And im sure its an Alder body on the Epi's :P
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I second moving the strap button to one of the neck bolts... I've seen and played T-Birds with that and they balanced reasonably well.

Also, when i saw this thread, I thought it was about a 6-string Thunderbird. I almost shat myself.
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I've done the moving the strap button thing, worked pretty well.
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Also, I think you mean IV, not VI
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I moved the strap and it works pretty well but im going to get a strap lock and a thicker strap aswell because that should help and yeah i probably do mean IV lol thanks
Nobody ever mentions this, but a leather strap, especially a wide one, helps a lot. If you're willing to shell out $50, Levi's makes a 4" leather strap that is the absolute nicest strap I've ever used.
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