Hey guys.
im a mainly metalcore/melodic death metal guitarist but i found my riffs are very repetitive and generic and i would like to make my riffs more technical and more complex.Truth is... i don't know how so i was just wondering how i can do this. the type of technical stuff i mean is veil of maya, august burns red, and maybe even necrophagist.
thanks a lot
Riffs don' have to be complex to be awesome, there are a lot of really simple riffs that sound awesome as hell, like Crazy train. But anyway, one good thing you could try is to take a song you like but have no idea how to play, and try to learn it by ear, by doing this you might come up with some new riff on accident.
i know they don't but i'm one of those guys who isnt in a band and just wants to impress himself so i want to write technical stuff :P
tbh, I find the riffs in the bands you mentioned often stale and over-technical.
Technicality isn't necessary to write awesome riffs, look at Meshuggah. their riffs are simple as hell (often, at least) and yet brutal at the same time.
IMO, try playing different styles of music, as this will broaden your horizon and offer you more inspiration to draw from. I can guarantee that the guys in Necrophagist listen to alot of different kinds of music, as you can definately tell this from alot of their songs.