My PRS is doing my head in as of late. Never had a problem with tuning stability until now and having problems re-stringing with my Schaller locking tuners (thumbscrew style)

Using locking tuners, I'm aware a wrap shouldn't go past about 3/4 of the post, but I am continually having problems getting my high end strings to pitch without overshooting and can't understand why !

From Low E to D everything tunes fine and goes to pitch around 1/4 wrap, which gives me plenty of room for stretching and re-tuning to pitch.

But when it comes to the G to the high E I'm having problems, especially the high E, it wont settle to pitch without going over 3/4 wrap of the post, and I can't stabilise the tuning at all.

Can anyone give me any tips on what to do ? I've used Sperzel's guide to re-stringing, used Elixir's but the same happens !

I always use Big Bends Nut Sauce for lubrication on the nut and the bridge saddles and my guitar is setup properly to specification. I'm puzzled.
It sounds like you know what you are doing and I don't have locking tuners but:

1. You are in the wrong place. There is a Guitar Set Up and Changing Strings Sticky in Electric Guitar.

2.) If you tie wrap your strings like this you won't won't have to worry about how many wraps. :shurg: