Recently I've been looking into Gibson Les Pauls. I really appreciate my Les Paul knock off and want to get a real one. Anyways I was looking up the les pauls on the intermaweb and there's literally 1000 different versions of the same guitar. So far the only differences I've been able to spot are the price and the colors they are offered in. Is there really any other differences?

Thanks guys.
pick-ups, woods (lol), all around quality. (usually)

whats your budget though?
Depends on the model.
Quality of the wood, pickups, finishes, tops, weight are some things to consider.
Supremes dont have a back plate, so its not really a modding guitar. Les Paul Customs is a good choice. I reccomend staying away from studios and fadeds. They seem kinda low end. I'd reccomend ESP or Tokai over low end Gibsons.
Everyone else has said it.
Woods, pickups (though most come with Classic '57's. The lower end ones come with a 498T and a 490R I believe.)...

Fretboard wood, what kind of tuners, maple cap or no maple cap, flamed maple top, what color, what year, chambered, finish, etc.

And there's nothing wrong with a Les Paul Studio. Most of the 2008 models are great.