Considering getting the Peavey 6505 head for home use.
I understand it's loud.. but if I use a hotplate ?? Will that enable me to use in basement at a level that wont make my ears bleed ?? lol
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You can use a 6505 at home as long as you don't turn it up past 1 or so.

A cheaper solution would be an EQ pedal in the loop, run with the volume down. This is how I keep my Valveking quiet.
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Does that push the tubes enough though using the EQ in the loop ??

To the guy suggesting I use the volume knob.. brilliant suggestion - NOT

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Theres a volume knob. -.-' guess what it does.
There are tubes in the amp guess what they do when they get more power flowing through them.

I'll answer that for you: They sound way better.
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i have one and its fine

just keep the volume around 1

what i do is run a pod xt through it as a pre amp, and then i have more precise choice of volume, plus the good amp tones from the pod xt with the tube tones from the 6505 makes sexiness.

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could run it through one of those cab-emulators and into headphones couldn't you?
or into small speakers
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Theres a volume knob. -.-' guess what it does.

I used to think this way. Then I got a tube amp, and guess what? They're loud even on 1!
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If you're playing high gain styles tube saturation isn't a great idea. The volume knob suggestion is correct

Exactly. They are all about the preamp saturation and not the poweramp saturation.


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