I have an Epiphone Flying V. I don't know what the year is, but the serial number is on a sticker, and it's made in Korea. The input jack is on the side, instead of the front, and I've seen other Gibson V's and some of the Korina V's and they all have jacks in the front.
'67 style body. The only thing inconsistent with all the other things I've seen is the input jack.

There's a picture of it. It's the only one I have on my new laptop.
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what about that headstock

I haven't seen an epiphone with that head stock ever

Edit : I mean lettering, logo...etc
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The headstock seems to be speaking to me...
It does't seem legit. I've never seen a Flying V with that kind of control configuration, or with a Les Paul/SG style truss rod cover...
I mean I've taken it to a few guitar shops and have been told it's legit from all the people I took it too. I didn't pick this up from a pawnshop.

Right here is the way a '67 Epiphone V looks:


The only thing my guitar is different from it that I've seen is the input jack location.
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Serial number on a sticker?
I wouldn't sayn it's a fake,just for it's input jack.My epi Sg had it's strap button in a different place to the other ones of the same model,but I'm still pretty sure it's not fake.
Perhaps email epiphone and ask them why it might have a sticker,not permantely on there?
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The jack is what's throwing me, can we get a photo of that? The headstock looks normal, but I've never heard of an Epi V with a side jack.
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