I have a wealth of guitars currently, and just got a new acoustic. But having a unfulfillable hunger for guitars I recently been asking myself would uprgrading froms a 1974 epiphone sheraton to a gibson es 335 be worth it?
If you're as rich as that post may imply then I don't see why not, but if you already have a wealth of guitars I'm not sure why you would do such a thing. I'd kill for some better gear, but don't have the extra cash.
I've been playing for years and my whole family plays so my wealth of guitars has nothing to do with my financial status (which is not rich by any means, i wish) just wanted to get some opinions from people who've played one or both of the guitars
The Gibson 335 series are classic guitars. They're as versatile as anything you are ever likely to find, and they tend to hold their value very well. The fit, build quality and feel of the Gibsons are noticeably better than those of the Epiphones. The Gibson semi-solids are pricey guitars, but I suspect you'll love them. I've had one, and I'm sorry I sold it years ago.