You're looking at a Laney VH100R (slightly older model without embedded handles - exactly the same circuit as the new ones). The standard Voodoo Amps mod has been performed on this head. This is a very well known and highly regarded modification, The reverb tank has been replaced by a noise reduction circuit (controlled by the reverb knob). The original reverb tank is included along with the footswitch and handles. The amp itself is in good condition, showing some signs of use, and the tubes have very few hours on them. This is a killer amp.

Open to all trades and offers, hit me up here or at espguitarman743@hotmail.com
pics available!!
Where are you located man? Any interest in a 5150?
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How about a JCM900?
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No thanks this amp kinda nailed that sound for me and I just don't use the 900 tone really. But thanks for the offer