a substance addict even if you don't tell them?i mean acquiantnces(girls guys who know you )and other people?
Well, sometimes.
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A lot of times you can tell if someone uses "substances". The most obvious are meth-heads, though a lot of times it's easy to spot a pot head.
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I'd say it depends on the severity of the addiction, and what you're addicted to.
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A lot of the time, yes, yes you can.

Physical features give it away tons.

yeah but what if you are in good shape?
not really, depends on the person...i mean it took 15 years before they found out andre agassi was and people are generally shocked about it
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It's very easy if you know what to look for in a person's behaviour and body language. Most people won't be able to though.
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usually addicts of the same substance can identify each other, its kinda telepathic in a way, but normal people cant


i'm sure the people that have dealt with your kind can easily identify you. though, i wouldn't be able to...
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If you've known someone for a while, you can see the transformation in their face and body if they're a regular user. Looking at the arms for scratches and abraisons is also a telling sign.
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