So i'm looking to buy a new guitar, mainly to be used for metal and prog. I'm intending to spend UP TO or around 1000 $AUS, but I'm thinking international possibly. I have an Ibanez SA120 atm, and was thinking something along the lines of the RG350DX and upgrading the Pickups if its cheaper. So, any advice would be great. Thanks
For metal AND prog I would reccamend either a Fender or an Epiphone.

For metal, I would say the RG350DX is fine.

For prog, a Les Paul of some sort would be great.
Ibanez S320 is within your budget and is pretty good imo. Though do you want a hard tail sort of bridge or is a floating bridge fine?
I like the floating bridge, but i think i wanna get something with 24 frets just in case i get particularly proggy or metal haha. And Jumbo or XJ where possible
Yeah, I don't know why not. What would be good used/where does one look for a good range of used?
Ebay, craigslist (not as useful for aussies), gumtree, melband etc. IMO you should be on the look out for Ibanez RG550/570/770/1570 or any other old MIJ ibanez guitars or prestige guitars. They can often been found for under $1000aud but you may need to wait a while and also you definitely have to try it out before you buy it to get used to the feeling of the neck.