I'm unsure if this is the correct place to post. But please guide me nevertheless.

I wasy going through the UG backing track band thing and there's this track I like. ( E Minor melodic solo backing). Can someone please tell me how to download this or who to contact in order for me to download it?

And is there any site which can provide good backing tracks for free download? Here, we don't have CD's of backing tracks so I can't purchase them.
Link me to the track, maybe I can figure it out, Ive never been on the UG backing track thing.

But there are plenty of sites around for backing tracks. Just googling "Free guitar backing tracks" brings me http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ , which is free.
Found the UG thing. It doesnt appear you can download it, or they dont want you to. There are ways to get media off of sites, but I think you should get ahold of a member of the group and ask permission.