ok ok,

Ipod music is all deleted!everything
the music is still on it, just corrputed or something!
is there any ipod ripping device which will be able to pull these songs off it?

btw, it got deleted because someone took out the cord when it was charging!

Please help!!

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I doubt it.

Looks like you should just hit reset, and put it all back on the long way.

Unless you don't actually have the music on a computer anymore for some reason, at which I must say: I think you're SOL, sir.
You sure are happy that all your music got taken off your iPod.
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yes there is, it's what i did. just look on google

... like you should've done

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Ipodstuff: Yikes mane, I think you're boned. I've had a few troubles with ipods in the past as well. Unless the google thing works.
Alright, mine does the EXACT same thing, and I've found only one way to be able to keep all your music, and have it work again (for a month or so).

First of all, I assume your problem is that your iPod says you have '0 Songs' yet you know for a fact they're still on there. (Checking drive space, etc.) Also, iDump won't do shit when dealing with a corrupted iPod, so I wouldn't bother tracking it down.

You need to enable hidden files, then navigate to X:/iPod_Control/Music, Once here, you'll see a ton of randomly named folders like 'F42', etc. Don't worry about this. When you click into a folder here, you'll see a list of music files with names along the lines of 'DXHG', etc. just a 4-letter, nonexistent word. Go back to X:/iPod_Control/Music, select all folders, and drag them onto a location on your computer. This could take a while depending on how much music you have.

Once all your music is safely off your iPod, open iTunes and click 'Restore iPod'. This will format and upgrade (not optional) the firmware. Once this is done, you should be able to drag your music from the computer back onto the iPod. Your iPod should work properly for the next... month or so.

NOTE: Doing this will most likely cause you to lose very few random songs. I've done this many times before (as I've had no choice) and I've found I'm missing certain songs from certain albums or artwork/playcounts have simply just disappeared.

I hope that helps.