anyone use this? if so, what are your thoughts? any pop/clicking? versatile? lag?
anybody? anyone ever use this thing? maybe you know someone who uses it? overheard someone talking abot it once? anything?
yup, that's the same one. i saw this vid for the first time a couple days ago, and it threw me off a bit... my understanding was the MAC-2 didn't pop so horribly when switching channels, but in the vid it clearly does.

i'm looking for something to replace my GCX system, as it's driving me up the ****ing wall... too noisy (pops), too many features, the foot control is bigger than all of my other frontloaded fx combined... i'm checking out my options and don't want to spring for a bradshaw, though i might have to... ugh! great quality from bradshaw, but expensive considering i only need it for control. at no point would it touch my signal path.

from what i know, the mac-2 supports permanent and momentary latching and MIDI, which seems perfect for me, but i'd really like to get feedback from someone not trying to sell it to me.