Hey everybody,

I recently acquired a Line 6 Vetta (mark 1 model, but upgraded with all the new software so basically it's a Vetta 2) and I absolutely love the sound. I'm used to recording with a Line 6 Toneport that I bought a long time ago that goes straight into my USB port and then into Reaper, but the sounds I get out of that are totally inferior to what my Vetta does.

So I want to record my Vetta. I don't have any other recording equipment on/in my computer, so I guess I'll need to buy some new stuff. But what's the best way to record with a Vetta? Mic it? If so, do I need an interface for it and/or a new audio card? Direct input it? Again, do I need an interface or audio card? Any help is greatly appreciated.

My budget is quite high, but I always want the best quality/money ratio.

Thanks alot!

Edit: If I could also use the extra gear to record my digital Roland drumset and/or my Roland Discover 5 keyboard, that would be awesome.
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yeah you need an interface, you can try doing a line in since the Cetta does speaker simulation anyway, but you might want to go ahead and invest in a mic so you have more options (Sure SM-57 is a popular choice) Most interfaces will have MIDI and line ins for your keyboard and drumset too.
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