Well, basicallly, ive been playing guitar for a few years now and im doing my grad 5 rockschool soon, but im still using my first guitar.
Its not an amazing guitar as i got it as a present and didnt choose it myself. So i was thinking of getting a new guitar.
I play quite a few different styles from blues and funk to rock and metal so it would need to be fairly versatile and give a variety of tones. I was thinking of an Ibanez ART but i havn't managed to try one out for myself.

Any suggestions?
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i use my Les Paul for the same styles. the Les Paul style guitars are probably the most alround guitars.

im happy with it except for some of the funky things, it just doesnt really feel that right for funk.

i don't know about ibanez, never tried them but i consider them really metal with the pointy edges, but thats just my opinion
What is your budget? I personally love my ibanez is does lots of things.
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Err my budget is probably around £200-£300 but i can probably go a bit over 300 depending on how much it is
For a variety of styles I really like the PRS budget models, a lot of people have a lot of flak to fling at them but personally I've never experienced any problems with them. That being said make sure you try one before you buy it. With luck you should be able to get a new one for a little over £300, and less if you go used
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Okay thanks, i'll see if they have any in the guitar shop nearby and give it a try