Hi Im looking at buying the Blackstar HT-5 tube amp trouble is a requirement I really need is an aux in. I have a pocket pod with an aux in that allows me to have a drum machine/backing tracks/metronome etc plugged in to practise with.

I figure that if i put the pod in the fx loop, the pod and aux in will be amplified cleanly by the main power amp as the fx loop as far as I know is after the pre amp stage, so I should be able to use it this way to jam along to. is my logic flawed?

is this a dumb question or do I have to get a solid state amp or hybrid to get this feature?

most of the amps I like that are not tube do not have the aux in socket. I like the randall 75 watt that is not the KH signature but the kirk sig looks a bit ugly with the scrawly writing on the controls. about my only other choice that appeals to me so far is the marshall avtxt 20 tribute or the avt50xt tribute but I would sooner have the blackstar.

thanks for any help....P4ul
You could buy the Blackstar then get a cheap no name 10w solid state to use you pod through. I'm sure you could get one of those for about £20 ($30?)
yeah im not so worried about using the pod though, the idea is being able to use the blackstar with the drum machine/backing etc.

Im sure it should work by plugging the pod into the effects loop and using its aux in. I dont need to use the effects as long as I can have the drum machine to play to.

I was thinking of getting some crappy modelling amp just to practise through but the idea is to get a nice amp to play all the time.

I f i couldnt do it with the blackstar i was considering getting a marshall AVTXT tribute either 20 or 50 but much prefer the blackstar