I play in hardcore punk abdn but with a little bit of metalcore influence. Think a mix of Have Heart/Verse mixed with newer Architects. I'm looking for a new guitar for under £450 that'd be good for these styles. I don't want anything too "metally" for example Ibanez, Jackson and stuff like that. So I was wondering if there was any ideas? I've got
two examples that i've looked into quite a lot.

Fender Tele Custom


Epiphone G400 w/ EMGs

But any other ideas would be a big help!
If you're looking for something not too metally, I wouldn't go with EMG's.
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um i think maybe u should get a strat or something like that maybe a v i dont know dont play alot of punk but i think that non active humbuckers and singel coils make the best punk sounds
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What amp is on the menu?
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The Epiphone will do both metalcore and punk, if you get some decent passive humbuckers in there, duncans maybe?

EMGs wont sound too great for punk, but in all honesty, take the real punk attitude and play what you want.
Gotta agree with stud muffin. The epiphone will cover punk nicely (no EMG's, get some Duncans, perhaps the JB in the bridge and a 59' in the neck, it will really suit your needs assuming the metalcore influence isn't really that big of an influence, but even so, the JB/59' combo can still handle some heavier stuff. But like stud said, if you really don't give a damn and wanna do what you want (something I try to live by) seriously, do whatever you want. Although the EMG's are more for metalish type stuff.
You'd be much better off getting a Vintage SG and putting Irongear Hot Slags in it. Will be less than £300.
Or an Ellis LP and Hot Slags for around £350 Every pound saved is one more towards that amp.
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yeah man good point i shouldn't care, i just need an upgrade from the crap im playing now. and i'll avoid the emgs then, i haven't looked into seymour duncans that much, but seen as the names keeps cropping up ill definately have a look into them. The tele i posted comes with passive ones like, so that's pretty cool. Any idea how much it'd cost for a jb and a 59? just cause i've seen a ltd ec in a local music shop that was quite cheap, but i've heard they have bad stock pickups.
They're both around 80. And both are very worth it. I have this combo in my LP, and it handles a wide range of genre's. You could also do what Lurcher said, but I have an antagonistic attitude toward SG's when it comes to punk. I just love the single cut LP.