Hey I have just finished (kind of) a new song, tis on my profile.

I am not going to classify it other than saying that it is metal, as I really don't know very much about different genres etc

In the future I may add some kind of structure and possibly lyrics but for now, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of it, so please leave me some feedback and a link where I can return the favour.

PS: The quality is not excellent, just in case you were wondering
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Its not bad, there was some great playing, and the solo was pertty neat, but the intro was kinda something that almost every metal band has done. But your tone needs some work, it sounded kinda hollow, and didnt cut through the mix, the entire mix actually was very muddy, you need to balance out your instruments and then work your way up till you can get it as loud as you want it without it mudding up. I think your lead guitar has too much distortion, and too much tremble. Your rythem guitar was non existant, so I would add mids and highs and less bass, so it comes forward instead of being mudded up by everything else. The drums seemed alright, bit loud in the mix, but it cut through just fine.

Sorry to be bashful, but I do like the song, it just has some mixing issues. And thanks for the crit.
I could picture this with some vocals. The solo was sweet until that last note, that was rather sour. The phrasing was interesting, good job on that.