i tend to go for the neck pickup when using fingerstyle and between pickups when i use a pick.

is there a set place where you are supposed to pluck for techniques sake?

it seems as though i can get more volume&power from the neck pickup,, is this usual?
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I pluck mainly at the neck pickup for a more consisten sound, and sometime in the middle between the 2 pups for a softer sound

And yes plucking at the neck pup sounds more due to the cause that the strings are more tense
I use all five fingers when I play bass, so I can't really pick a particular place to hit the string. I also play pretty fast, so I'm always all over the place.

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Depends on the tone I'm trying to achieve. For a strong punchy tone I'll play by the bridge, the tension at the bridge also helps for playing fast and consistently. The softer I want it the closer Ill play to the neck, and sometimes over the neck if I want a lot of "mwah".
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I pretty much always have my thumb (as I use floating thumb) over the neck pickup, bridge is too harsh for my taste. I usually hit the strings HARD if I want it more punchy, as in a few spots in the pickups have string marks on them...
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At the bridge, minimal buzz, can make nice short funky notes, higher tension = faster playing.

this on my aria

on the t-bird go for the middle the neck pickups rolled to 0 with the bridge up and tone up max AND i found the sweet spot for a nice old skool rock sound is just about 3/4 closer to the bridge gives off a good sound for AC/DC type stuff and sounds good with some Franz Ferdinand imo aswell as the likes of Feeder.
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I regularly move around on the strings to change the sound of the bass. Suppose I move from a verse with quite a bit of movement to a chorus with long ringing notes, I might move from just below my bridge pup to right below the neck. Or I might want to go from smoothly blending in to really cutting through, so I might move from a central position to the super-fart zone right by bridge.

I move a lot throughout the set, and probably more often then most in the middle of individual songs.
Totally depends on the sound I want. Anywhere from way up on the neck (rarely though) to right over the bridge pickup or even "slapping" softly right next to the bridge to sustain a note without re-plucking it.
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I play fingerstyle at the neck pickup when I want a mellow tone, and at the bridge when I want a harsher tone without a pick. With a pick, I usually pluck at the bridge, but I occasionally play at the neck.
since I play a Jazz Bass, my bridge pickup sticks out farther than my neck pickup, so it makes a nice ledge to rest my thumb on, though I move my thumb to a resting position to the string above the one im playing while using root note. a little complicated, no?
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In other words, if I'm going for something growly and "ARGH!" I go for right over the bridge pickup.

If I want something wooly, I play around the 20th fret. Any other situations are anywhere in between.
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i have my Bridge pickup adjusted higher than the neck, meaning it sticks out farther
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I play over my neck pickup. But I hit the strings like Alex Webster. *clanks*

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when i play metal (most of the time) i play with the pickups slightly panned towards the bridge and then pluck between the pickups, if i want a p-bass sort of sound (for iron maiden songs and classic rock) then i pan all the way towards neck pickup and play between neck p/u and neck
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i change all the time, in between songs aswell as during them.

It all depends on the effect i'm trying to get from the notes im playing, and also the tuning (and therefore tension) of the strings.

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Over the neck pickup, i dont like to anchor on the bridge pup cause its close to the bride and just freaks me out for some reason but i will float or anchor my thumb on the body if i'm just trying to hit a tighter area of the string when playing either the E or B string only ... for break downs i guess .

If ive found that i'll tend to mess up the emphasis on some notes and need them all to be about the same i'll play somewhat anchored on the neck. Sometimes i'll just do it for a note that i need to ring out for a while.

Also, for tapping i rest my thumb on the edge of the neck too, easier to know where i am or for balance or something. Sometimes not if i'm tapping out a chord or something, or fingering problems.
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Wherever is sounds best in the context of the song

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my comfort zone is my thumb on the neck p-up, fingering between there and the neck. i move toward the bridge for a twankyer sound. with a pick, i'm all over the place, but mostly near the bridge when i need to palm mute the note/s.
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everywhere. mainly at the neck and over the bridge pickup.
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In between the bridge and neck pickups gives me the fattest, warmest tone. I go just behind the fretboard for a weaker more watery tone during softer songs.
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Wherever is sounds best in the context of the song


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