Can anyone recommend me somesort of modulation pedal for the likes of the police and R.E.M? Im not made of money so im not asking for too much of a price tag. I need this pedal for a Gig in december. Thanks.
The Marshall Regenerator RG-1 has Chorus, Vintage Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Step Phaser and Vintage Vibe built into one pedal. All for under $100/€100. Something to really consider. It could cover all your bases in one sturdy little box. All you'd need after getting it is a bit of reverb and/or delay and that's all anyone could ask for.

Only problem is you can only use the effects one at a time but when will you ever need to flanger AND chorus?

Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.