Ok, I'm a baritone (F#2 to G#4) and today, after warming up for quite a while, I noticed I could not reach lower than an A2. I could maybe get a G#2 if I really focused and strained my voice. It's weird because a few days ago, I hit a F#2 without even trying, no warming up. Now, whenever I try to go lower than an A2, it feels like theres something lodged in my throat, preventing me from reaching that note. My voice is definitely warmed up, as I can even hit an A4/A#4 now. I feel like I have a sore throat, so am I getting sick or damaging my vocal chords?
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just sounds like your just feeling unwell, this time of year everyone seems to have a cold or a sore throat. tho if it persists go to a doctor if you fear you have have damaged your throat.
You're probably just a little sick. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after a singing session. It'll help clear the gunk out of your throat and also help regulate your body's systems so you'll get better faster.

Also, this is just a side note, make sure your environment is favorable for your voice too. Like if you're in the cold, your body is going to get tense, which will make it harder for you to relax. (I'm just kind of assuming if you're sick you might be in the cold often)