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keep it and listen to it
94 92%
keep it and forget about it
6 6%
throw it away in the next bin or chuck it at the nearest mime.
2 2%
Voters: 102.
would you actually go home and listen? or would you instinctively just grab it, because it's for free, and then throw it away the next chance you got?
I'd listen to it for sure. Depending on how good it was, I would either keep it or try hitting that annoying little brat from across the street with it.
id take it and listen to it
wouldnt hurt
unless id die after it

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If you make a stall and advertise 'free CD's' but which people have to actively walk over to then that'd work.

Just don't stand on a busy road pushing them towards people as they wak past. People will take anything if you do that.
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I'd throw it away if the band had a stupid name like Kalium or something of that sort.

well played, motherfucker
If I knew the genre I'de listen to it.

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I'd snap it in front of an old ladys face to see if I could get some shards to stick in it
Keep and listen, you never know how good the music might be until you give it a listen.

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well played, motherfucker

Are you trying to giveyour new CD to people on the streets, corey?
I'd probably take it, listen to one song on the car ride home or something and probably not like it and throw it out the window.
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I tend to give it a listen when i'm offered free music whatever the genre. There's a good chance I'll yank it out after a couple tracks if it's not my cup of tea, but I always at least throw it in the CD player, cause you never know.
Listen to mah discs.


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I'd take it home and stick it on. If the first track sucked, I'd probably chuck it.
EDIT: If it was half decent, I'd rip it and wonder what the hell it was when iTunes decides Ishould hera it.
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Are you trying to giveyour new CD to people on the streets, corey?

If it's ever finished, I might
But no, I was really just wondering how people thought about this, because me and a friend of mine disagreed on this subject.
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I'd snap it in front of an old ladys face to see if I could get some shards to stick in it

You are so hardcore!
Id take it and fully intend to listen to it but in the end probably forget about it, ive got plenty of free little albums that i aquired like that but ive never listened to - didnt throw them away though.
I'd take it to listen to it. Nothing to lose, it's free and you might find a great new band to listen to.
I would take it and listen to it but play only first track if I like I play more if I do not like it I keep it anyway. Simples.