Hey UG, first time posting here.
Background: I am looking for an all wood acoustic guitar in the $700-$800 price range. I have been playing for a few years and I have a fender acoustic currently. I play pretty much all genres and I also play with a friend at open mic nights and local pub's for fun.
Being a poor college student I have somehow saved up $700 over the past year to put towards a new acoustic. I want something that is going to last mea lifetime. Brand name means absolutely nothing to me as it shouldn't, but quality and tone are the most important. I have been looking at Seagull's and Alvaez guitars, but I really want some feedback from the community.
I have played an alvarez and Ienjoyed the sound, but I have never played a Seagull. I live about an hour and a half away from the closest guitar store.

Anyone's 2 cents counts!
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I have a Takamine G series EG334SC, cost me about $700, and its a great guitar, it does extremly well in live situations, plus the TK-40 preamp in it is great for pluging into a PA system. I would reccomend it or any other Takamine guitar in that price range. But going used for other brands of guitars aint bad, a friend of mine has a 30 year old Ventura V-20, and it sounds better than my Takamine.
i've always really liked alvarez. I don't play acoustic much. I have a mitchell 12 string that's actually surprisingly nice. My Uncle has an alvarez and it's very rich and woody sounding.

My favorite acoustics that i've found in that range are these:




maybe you can see if there's a store around you that carries anything like that. Guitar Center's acoustic rooms are usually quiet and empty, a nice place to try some out. Also you probably know this but try out more than one of each instrument, acoustics vary alot in charachter from one guitar to the next, even if it's the same model.
Would you consider used guitars?

Edit: The Blueridge in the post below is also a sweet instrument.
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Seagull's lower end guitars can't be beaten in my opinion. The only thing else I'd do if I had that kind of money is save up maybe another 200 bucks and get yourself a Blueridge or Martin 000-15


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I recently played a Yamaha LL16 at my local guitar shop...Wow what an instrument for $699 w/ padded case. Solid Englemann spruce top and solid rosewood sides, back and three ply neck. The sustain was amazing. Can't wait til I'm worthy.


Good luck and have fun in your search.
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some of the guitars in this thread aren't solid wood - the tak and the breedlove.

i have played the blueridge BR-163 and it's a sweet sounding instrument. i've also heard great things about this store - http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/searchresults?s=Blueridge%20BR-163&ss=Blueridge%20BR-163&n=486806 and the price is cheaper there, also.

and there you can also find several all-solid recording kings for under your target price - 2 size choices, choice of rosewood or mahogany back and sides. i haven't gotten to try a recording king, but i've heard only good things. you could also look into an epiphone masterbilt - although i'm not a fan, many are. they do sometimes have issues. not only have i read about them, but i've seen 2 with belly bulge, 1 of which was stamped "2nd" on the back of the headstock.

i have not been lucky enough to find a yamaha LL16, or its siblings the LS16 or LJ16, but i'm love the sound of engelmann spruce, which is what their tops are made of. also yamaha tends to have high build quality and finish, and every yamaha i play sounds great. the yamahas in the L series also have a 1 3/4 inch nut, which is great for fingerstyle. it's a bit wider than their 700 series but not as wide as the seagull s6.