Hi guys,

finally purchased my first electric guitar..

like to think ive got myself a bit of a bargain to be honest...

i got a squier telecaster custom II with the p90 pick ups in black...

aswell as a fender frontman 15w amp

ritter gig bag

all leads

korg tuner

all new too!

the guy paid £320 for it all (receipt shown)

and he let me have it all for £170!

All brand spanking new never used...

here are the relevant links..


you're supposed to post pictures man.

They should make it a rule that users who make NGD threads without real pics should be banned.
werent the p-90s by Gibson? But one thing ocomes to my mind. In my opinion, if you buy a tele, normally you really like the twan bridge pickup. so is this the neck that has a p-90 or is it in the bridge position?

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on both pick ups it has the ''duncan designed'' p90 pick ups...

pictures, i didnt know how to do the pictures so i thought links were the next best thing?