How do I change the tempo of a composition in Sibelius? Mine is version 1.1
There's the tempo at the top, but whenever I click on it, it messes up and come out as coded text.

Please, does anyone know how to do this?
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Ask it very politely.
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I used to know, but it's been so long since I've used it I cannot remember. I will say that Sibelius was quite honestly the worst program I've ever used, I hated every minute of it.
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Put it at the start of the score, it's in the performance direction menu I think.
These days it's ctrl + alt + T - but that's sibelius 5 and 6. Not sure about 1.
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Try bringing up the transport windown from the window menu?

On the newer versions at least there's a tempo slider. That's for the performance. To change the tempo markings I'd just add a new one.
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