I have a cheap little Epiphone Sudio Special II and I am kind of thinking about painting it. The problem is that I have no idea about what color to paint/stain/ add a design.

So I was just wondering if anyone here in GB & C had any ideas for me to paint my guitar or any other modification at all, just to make it feel more "mine".


For the painting: Search for a tutorial on HOW to do it (trust me, it's pretty easy to mess it up ) and just paint it to whatever u like and don't care if people dont like (ex: lots of ppl dont like skulls but im painting mine with some dont care) and it will be "more" yours

as for mods : again search for them, but a kill switch, graphtech parts http://graphtech.com/products.html?SubCategoryID=27 (i believe they are worth it).

And if u like the guitar don't buy cheap parts....my opinion
I just feel I want it to stand out in some way... But I don't know how I want it to stand out.


Google guitar painting or go to www.deviantart.com

You'll find good ideas there...find some kind of design YOU like and work from it. Or just find something strange and everybody will look at it
as far as mods go you could get new pickups, pickguard, knobs, put in a killswitch, scallop the neck (or just the high frets), or do something cool with the electronics (can't think of anything at the moment)

as for the paint, idk, that's down to preference, but if you want my preference and want to get fancy I think a purple to black burst would be smexy, but I hear bursts are kinda hard.

you could try a technique that I just used on a couple of pedals I built, what I did was paint em solid black, and then I watered down some white (I was using water based paint, you'd need to use paint thinner) and then I got a paper towel, dipped it in it, squeezed most of the paint out, and daubed it on lightly to give a speckled kinda effect. then I did the same thing with red.

you could try this (be sure to practice on scrap wood a few times to get the technique down good, i just went for it on the first one and it looked stupid and I had to redo it) and use whatever colors you want.
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