So my cheap old guitar fizzed out the other day and i came to the conclusion that I have to buy a new one.

Guitar is my 3rd instrument and I only play it when I'm not practicing bass and drums, so I'm only looking to spend about $225 at the most.

I like to play kind of Thrash and heavy metal and I was leaning towards getting a Dean or Ibanez but I would like to have your suggestions first. (For the love of god don't suggest B.C. Rich because those guitars suck!)

Thanks in advance.
If you want a cheap Dean then get a ML, some people complain about them but my mate has one and they handle really well for a cheap guitar.
For cheap Ibanez i would suggest a GRG170DX, they look good and are pretty much suited for people who want to play an Ibanez guitar but dont have a big budget. Otherwise maybe a Jackson? they are good metal guitars aswell, or ESP

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i would look at an ibanez rg321 mh, you may struggle to find one new for your budget but you should find one used
try an ESP LTD M-50, they're amazing for the money and cheap too.
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try an ESP LTD M-50, they're amazing for the money and cheap too.

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did i give good advice for once?
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try an ESP LTD M-50, they're amazing for the money and cheap too.

if you live in toronto there's one on kijiji for like $175 =D
I recommend a Schecter C-1+
Abit more of course but alot better
My local shop sells them for $300
But online I think they're like $400 now.

Are you sure you just want a really cheap guitar?
What if you play it and start to like guitar and then you start to upgrade your guitar gear.
That'd be a process that costs even more money

even if it is ur third indtrument you should go for a little higher price id go for an esp or schecter
do you want a trem or a hardtail, bear in mind that any trem in your price range isn`t going to be great.
What happened to your other guitar? Just wondering. Since you said "Fizzed out" I think your pickups kicked the bucket but I could be wrong...
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Okay. For the LOVE of GOD. Do NOT get the GRG170DX. I've got one, and that bridge will never hold a tune. That guitar was made to fall out of tune. I've played it on brand new strings and actually heard it fall out of tune while I was playing it.

For about 300 look at the Ibanez RG2EX2. Fixed bridge, the pickups are fake EMG's. They're great if you're not a play every day tone nazi. For what you need it for it'd do the job just fine.
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"Fizzed out"?

For that kind of money why not just get it fixed?

Nah that guitar is cheap i got it a looooong time ago its one of those cheap fender starcasters.
Yeah but you're proposing to replace it with another cheap guitar -- which solves the problem of it having "fizzed out", but doesn't solve the problem of it being a cheap guitar. So I'm saying you could possibly achieve the same outcome more cheaply by just getting the first cheap guitar repaired rather than replacing it with a new cheap guitar.
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"Fizzed out"?

You should give to i_am_metalhead?


TS: Keep in mind that you get what you paid for. Cheap guitars usually have problems staying in tune, weak and/or crappy sounding pickups, and shoddy electronics.
Epi's and Squiers are your budget line Gibsons and Fenders respectively. You may be able to find a decent guitar at that price, but I think you should up your budget limit