Hey everyone, 1st of all thanks for taking the time to checkout my piece of music. I've been playing since December 2008 (11 months) and music has taking over me, It's practically what I live for. I was really hesitant to post my stuff here on UG but I could use some constructive comments since I don't have a teacher to guide me through my mistakes (Self taught). I recorded this song with a video camera and I was chewing gum too so the sound quality is not the best, yet it's good enough. The track is 7 minutes and 24 seconds long, and there's no singing/bass just pure guitar work. Bass is going to be recorded soon, I'm just working on getting better recording equipment and getting my bass player to come over and jam. If you guys like my style I'll post my old stuff as well

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Thank you!

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SOO8NB8G

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post it on youtube. i wont download anything from a site i dont know. no offense, but it could have a virus
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K, I uploaded on my profile.
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not bad you need to make a second guitar part for it though. the recording quality sounds ok for the clean part. there was one riff at about 4:30ish that sounds almost exactly like a lamb of god riff from the song laid to rest. you might want to hear that song and make sure its not that riff. over all not bad and keep up the good work.


crit mine please