hi everyone .

Over the next few weeks i plan to upgrade my gear, at the moment i have a G4M starter set. (yes you can gasp and lol at me) which has been hopeless for me, ive been playing guitar for around 10 months. I have been Browsing around the internet and local guitar shops. My budget is £275. Here are a list of products that have caught my eye and i cant decide which to get


Squier Deluxe Black And Chrome Stratocaster HSS

Squier Vibes 60s Strat


Line6 Spider IV 15

Fender Frontman 15R

has anyone tried any of these products listed?

I mainly play Rock but sometimes a play a little bit blues.

Is your guitar unplayable?

The vyper is a great modeling amp, but at you should be able to find a valveking 112 for about your budget, shame you cant take it out to 450 for a Classic 30.

But the valveking will get you quite passable rock and blues tones and is quite upgradeable to make it a reasonable amp in the future.
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it is close to unplayable, staying in tune is a major problem.
None of the above...

Save up more money.
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What do you mean by 'rock'? Classic rock? Alternative rock? Hard rock? Soft rock? Name some artists.

And what do you mean by blues?
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From what i hear, the classic vibe strats aren't that bad at all. Haven't tried one though.

And i agree, the amps you listed are both very mediocre, save up a little more first, and you'll thank yourself later.
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Both amps are pretty bad, better you get a Vypyr or go used for something better.
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