OK so i bought my JS about a month ago and i have been pretty satisfied with it for a while now.. up until now when i was looking at the EMG KFK Set (EMG 81, EMG 85, EMG PA-2) and reading some reviews... most of them suggested having 2vol/2tone knobs which obviously the JS doesnt come with... is there anyway to add another vol and another tone knob? or should i just buy different pickups? (if so, any suggestions with similar qualities?)
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More specifically...
EMG EMG-KFK Kerry King 81/85 Humbucker Set Features:

Package includes:
2 EMG-exclusive Quik-Connect cables
2 25k split shaft volume/tone (standard) controls
Screws and springs
Removable Kerry King card on the box
1 EMG/Kerry King signature collectable guitar pick
Output jack and battery clip set for EMG-PA2
Just buy the ZW set> same pups, just not the boost switch. That way you dont have to rout anything,
that isnt my dilemma, friend. i awaite the switch with lust but im not shure if i can put a second tone/volume knob to make the set worth it... do u kno if i can?
GB is the guitar building and customizing forum on ug ... they can help you with adding extra tone and volume knobs.
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I was going to recommend a Concentric Pot but those don't come in 25K So I'd just say stick to the 1 vol and 1 tone. Oh and where will you be inserting the PA-2 switch? Because afaik you do need to have a hole in the guitar for the switch to be placed.
thanks tatsumaru...
and azn guitarist- theres no way in hell im gonna risk screwing up my EMGs like some of my friends have by trying install it on my own so along with the EMGs i was planned on visiting the local guitar shack for some help
Actually all new EMG's are pretty much plug and play with no major soldering required afaik. It's a trivial task that takes no more then half an hour to do if you take it with care.