I am working on an easy version of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" that only uses "A", "D" and "E" cords and an easy four all down strum patteren.
Can you guys suggest any other A, D, E cord classic tones for me to try?

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there are SO many songs that can be played with E, A and D.

before you accuse me (the clapton or ccr versions)
happy birthday
wild thing
brown eyed girl
i walk the line (johnny cash)

when i think about it, lots of ccr and blues songs can be done in a/d/e. i can't think of any newer songs like this at the moment. if you happen to learn a minor (it's like e but all the fingers are moved 1 string closer to the high e), there are a bunch more songs you could do.
Hey I can handle Am, Dm, Em, G and C fairly well. It's just that my cord changes are are best from A, D and E right now.

Thanks for the suggestions gang!
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