Well, Marseille, the metal band the ex-art attack presenter is a member of, is doing a few UK dates this year. I'm intrigued if anyone's been to any of them, or is planning on going to them. I'm off to their show in Newcastle next friday for a laugh. They're pretty decent though.
Thoughts on them, and if you plan on going to a show near you?
Isn't Neil Buchanan dead?

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1. I don't live in the UK

2. Who/What is Art Attack?

3. DOesn't really sound that good in my ears.
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Isn't Neil Buchanan dead?

youre thinking of Mark Speight
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Link! Link! Art Attack was awesome mate, twas a UK kids TV show.
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ROFL I didn't imagine him as being a metalhead. What kind of metal do they play?
🙈 🙉 🙊
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Isn't Neil Buchanan dead?

yeah, died of a big 'art attack.
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yeah, died of a big 'art attack.

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When I was 11.

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haha i didn't realised they reformed... i might try and go to a show for a laugh at some point if they play near enough to me...
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I preferred SMart...

I would definitely pay to see Marseille though, I learned about them a few months back and picturing Buchanon in a band made me so happy. You know he still does Art Attack? And he still looks exactly the same as he did. Hasn't even changed the jumper.

Edit: Eep, apparently I'm lying. I must have seen it in 2007. My memory ain't so good for remembering when things happened.
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This is fantastic

I remember watching Art Attack all the time!
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Well that's the thing i was thinking, I was brought up watching art attack, and SMart and things, and he always seemed like this really down to earth normal bloke. Now i know why, he's a metal head. Anyway, their show is next friday in Newcastle, it's free, and i'm definitely there.
^^ Their myspace
The live tracks sound like they've just given it a live sound and dubbed over crowd noise

Oh well... This band is awesome anyway
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I saw them on youtube, they are shit.

Art Attack was brilliant. Talking Head FTW.
I take it no one remebers Mike Myers on Wide Awake Club? Saturday morning kids show.

Also Fun House and Knightmare ftw.
my god i LOVE art attack, good times, after school and citv ftw!
strange to me that he's in a metal band though lol
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Art Attack was brilliant. Talking Head FTW.

Haha, this brings back memories.
I was scared of the talking head, I used to run out of the room and hide whenever it he came on

I liked the rest of it though.
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I saw them on youtube, they are shit.

Anyway is art attack still on. I was watching that in the 80s!!!

No you weren't

It started in 1990

EDIT: What i love about him, was he was turned down from art college too
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