My band is recording a couple of our songs for our school's battle of the bands and we have to video tape it without any recorded audio on top. So what kind of cameras do you guys use if you are recording your band playing?

Thanks UG!
Most cameras have a option to shut off the internal mic, so that it won't capture any audio on top of your video. If your camera doesn't have that option, you can use the program you edit your video with to disable the audio. Then you can swap your main mix in place of the orig. audio.

As for the camera, make sure its at least over 15fps, preferably 30. It wouldn't hurt to have a camera that is capable of capturing widescreen HD.
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i take it you mean you can't use pre-recorded audio and paste it over the video like a music video kinda thing. If you have a mixer consider miking up and running the camera into the mixed sound, because otherwise no matter how good the camera it will sound like just that, a static video camera recording a band from a distance
I mean we aren't allowed to have separate audio, so i was wondering which camera and camera settings i need.